Surgery Prequel

Prior to the enchantment of prosthetic teeth or orthodontic braces, certain patients require pre-prosthetic and pre-orthodontic surgeries. These surgeries pave the way for prosperous prosthetic fittings or orthodontic treatments.


Pre-prosthetic surgery

Pre-prosthetic surgery prepares the mouth for dentures or other prosthetic devices. It involves altering oral structures to ensure a firm and cozy base for prosthetics. This may entail the elimination of surplus bone or tissue, reshaping of bone, or rectification of anomalies that could impact prosthetic fitting.

Pre-orthodontic surgery

Pre-orthodontic surgery takes place before orthodontic treatments like braces. Its objective is to create an optimal milieu for teeth to transition to desired positions. Usual pre-orthodontic procedures comprise extraction of surplus teeth, elimination of hindrances like impacted teeth, or alignment of the jaw.

Crafting smiles

Oral surgeons, trained in dental surgeries, are typically entrusted with pre-prosthetic and pre-orthodontic surgeries. These specialists collaborate closely with orthodontists and prosthodontists to ensure a seamless continuum from surgery to ensuing treatments. Their expertise guarantees oral readiness for prosthetics or orthodontics.

Pre-prosthetic fit

Pre-prosthetic surgery assures snug and secure fitting of dentures or other prosthetic devices. By constructing an ideal foundation, these surgeries ensure prosthetics remain steadfast during eating and speaking. They also avert potential complications arising from misfitting or abrasion.

Pre-ortho prep

Pre-orthodontic surgery optimizes orthodontic treatment efficiency. By addressing concerns like crowding or misalignment upfront, teeth can transition more effectively into desired positions with braces. This leads to a shorter and more triumphant orthodontic voyage.

Surgical choreography

Before either surgery, the oral surgeon meticulously evaluates oral health and performs requisite imaging tests. This assessment determines specific surgical requisites. During surgery, local anesthesia is commonly administered to ensure a painless experience.

Recovery and aftercare

Recovery from pre-prosthetic and pre-orthodontic surgeries is typically swift. Patients might encounter mild discomfort and swelling, manageable with prescribed pain relievers and adherence to the surgeon's aftercare directives. Upholding proper oral hygiene is vital during recovery to avert infections.

A prelude to perfectly aligned smiles

Consultation with both an oral surgeon and pertinent dental specialist is imperative prior to embarking on pre-prosthetic or pre-orthodontic surgery. This ensures a comprehensive grasp of procedures, expectations, and outcomes. Together, they develop a personalized plan tailored to individual needs.

Final curtain call

Pre-prosthetic and pre-orthodontic surgeries form vital strides in attaining a robust and stunning smile. They establish the groundwork for successful prosthetic fittings and orthodontic procedures. Assisted by oral surgeon expertise and in partnership with dental specialists, these surgeries guarantee a seamless and efficient passage toward a confident smile. If dentures or orthodontic treatments are under contemplation, initiation of pre-surgical exploration with dental professionals marks the foremost step towards an astonishing transformation.

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